Where are The Starts From “Malcolm” Sitcom Today

Do you remember “Malcolm”? that cute sitcom, which conquered millions of telemans in those six years of emission from 2000 to 2006. Wild trio Malcolm, Reese, Dewey, actively supported from their bigger brother Francis found lots of fans in different countries all over the world and rating, ordered them among the most loved products of the small screen in the genre of all times.

Malcolm Brothers

Maybe it won’t be too fetched to say, that precisely the comedy production of FOX was the closest to the cult “Alf”, according to the love of spectator – one too, too capricious notion.

Malcolm – Hal

Despite the fact that it stood with seven nominees for “Golden globus” and not any distinction, “Malcolm” still fought for five awards “Emmy”, which we count at least a significant. Yet, the seventh season in 2006, occured the last one – not only for us but and for the starts in the serial. For one was the first steps of walking in their career, for others – just an unforgettable experience. Requests specific? Ok, eight years later, let’s see everyone on the road to success.

Frankie MunizFrankie Muniz (Malcolm) – Found as a talent while he was 11, now Frankie is 27 years old. He shocks with crazy haircuts, crazy love with his fiancee Elisha Turnbow, with who sometimes divides sometimes gathers from six summers and not so significant movie career.

Erik Per SullivanErik Per Sullivan (Dewey) – After the end of the serial, Erik shooted a few feature movies, showing, that the seventh art is not his passion, as curious is, when before “Malcolm” actually had a few successful roles.

In 2005 he participates in postscript of the children book of Jane Kaczmarek, underlining the meaning of animals all over the world. Later, Erik, who has black belt in taekwondo, shows, that he is inspired by charity organization Helfer International and will continue to do exactly this.Christopher Masterson (Francis) – Big brother Francis continue his successful appearances on the big screen. To a large extent this is due to the fact that he combined, shootings in “Malcolm” with other titles – we have watched him in hits like American History X,  ”The wedding of my best friend” and etc., where he plays along with names like Julia Roberts and Edward Norton.

His last title is from 2013 – Onion News Empire, and by the way, he invests together with his brother Danny in restaurant chain. He is follower of the popular in Hollywood Scientology, which members are Tom Cruz, John Travolta and others. In his personal life till soon, was with his collegue Laura Prepon, today he is free on the market.

Justin BerfieldJustin Berfield (Reese) – And today, Justin is dedicated to cinema, but in different talent. Instead as an actor, he appears successfully as a producer, standing behind titles like the hit series Sons of Tuscon, Blonde Ambition with Jessica Simpson and others.

He creates his producer company J2 Pictures/J2TV in 2004, and it’s last project was commercial movie not for enybody else, but for the world brand Coca-Cola. Are you amazed, that his child nickname was The Commercial Kid?

Jane KczmarekJane Kaczmarek (Lois) – Motto of Jane’s obviously is to fight with all fronts. Exept of the fact that she enjoys an enviable career of small scree, including roles in different serials like “Low & Order”, The MIddle, Help me Help you, she succeeded to release and children book guiding attention to the meaning of animals around the world.


In personal aspect, she divorced with Bradley Whitford, with who were together eight years till 2010, and have three childre, and strengthen friendship with her collegue Tony Shalhoub, as known as Monk, from the eponymous series.

Bryan CranstonBryan Cranston (Hal) – Doubtless the biggest star from “Malcolm”. Behind him he has 130 titles, also we are waiting for him in the new version of “Godzilla”. But the big furore came in 2008, when he broke the records with the hit series Breaking Bad, where he plays dying from cancer chemistry teacher, turned in his last days in the biggest creator and dealer of drugs in USA.

The producion of AMC adorned with 48 awards, and Bryan roared to the top of fame, even higher from what he could do with “Malcolm”.

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