Celebrity Worship

As for myself, there have been a handful of times in my life where I have actually been within a few feet of some very well known “celebrities”, and every time I could careless. Yea, I knew who they were, but I didn’t see them any different than any other person that I would be around in public. That’s why it is absolutely amazing to see people go nuts and crazy when they see a person in public that they recognize from TV. It just shows how gullible and brainwashed most people of the general public are. And if you are reading this blog, then I bet there is a good chance you aren’t one of them.

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So why do people look up to and almost literally worship other people that are actors on TV or overpaid professional athletes? I think there needs to be two factors involved for this to happen:

  • The person needs to be recognized or known by a vast amount of people. The television is the quickest way for this to happen.
  • The person is portrayed as someone that is great. For example, you can take a bum off the streets, put him on TV, give him a few lines to say that make him look very intelligent, and then announce on TV that he is one of the smartest people in the world. All the sudden, the masses will believe it and will come out of the woodwork to shake this guy’s hand wherever he ventures out to in public. However, on the other hand, a person could make national headlines for being a serial killer or a uni-bomber. So would people engage in celebrity worship over this person? Of course not. The person isn’t being portrayed as someone great.

The Television is a very powerful tool. Most people that appear on it do see themselves as being above you. They do think of themselves as someone that is divine that was given their life of fame by a higher power and that they are just more special than you. The truth of the matter is that there are very few people today that actually deserve to be famous. The TV and movie industry is owned by global elites. The people that appear on TV or on the big screen are nothing more than extended family, friends, and business relations of the global elites.


Very few of these people actually have any talent. How many people on the radio do you hear today that can sing or have a hit that is anything like the artists you use to hear back in the 60’s, 70’s, or 80’s? Just about any new band on the radio or on MTV that I hear today just flat out sucks. And it’s because it is usually some record producer’s kid or some girl that a record producer wants to date, or some major investor’s relative or kid. Sure, there are still some leftover celebrities that were big in the 80’s that are still around today. But those people have been around forever, and that is why they are still around. It’s because there is no new talent. The wrong people own hollywood and they promote the wrong people in Hollywood. It’s that simple.

Do the world a favor and remind yourself not to engage in celebrity worship. The next time you ever see a “celebrity” in public, just walk right on past them. In fact, kind of let them know that you recognize them, but act like you could careless and just walk away. Or just ask them what time it is. And when it comes to TV and presidential candidates, put two and two together. The candidates that are shown on TV are the candidates that are owned by the money elites. The more attention someone gets on TV, that should automatically tell people not to vote for them. And the truly amazing thing is that there are business execs., managers, corporate directors, doctors, and other people that make more money than you or I, that cannot understand that. This is an indication that most people can actually be programmed and for the most part cannot think independently. There just happen to be a few people in this world, such as you and I, that cannot be programmed. We can form our own thoughts, opinions, and recognize the truth. It’s just too bad that the rest of the general public cannot. The world would be a utopian civilization if most people could.


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